First ever tag and high five!

I have been tagged by friendly Amy ! I need to list my top 5 highlights of 2009 and then tag five other bloggers to list theirs. Sooooo…
1. Good Health for my mum.
My mum had to go for a brain scan a few months ago, and it was such a relief when her results came back and they were fine.
2. Brilliant Results for my Teen Queen.
After months of revising my daughter did brilliantly in her GCSE’s, and we were so proud of her. She has blossomed this year, looked gorgeous at her prom, got a job, and was selected to dance for an amazing youth dance company.
3. Campervan capers.
My husband has a thing for campervans. So as a surprise I hired one for the weekend.

We picked it up and drove to the campsite, which was hilarious in itself – my hubby had a few issues with the gear stick and we kangerooed a lot of the way! We broke down on the way to the campsite, but then managed to get going again. The campsite was lovely, perfect for the kids. Night time was another story – lets say five into one campervan didn’t really work, it was bloody freezing, and the guy snoring in the tent next to us might as well have been in the van with us he was so loud! One night was enough for me, but of course despite everything the children and the hubby say they want to do it again. Highlight of trip for me : going to The Midland Hotel  in Morecambe for afternoon tea – wish we had been staying there!!!

4.Silversmith Course
I have been meaning to start this course for the past two years, and I am so pleased that I finally did. Sometimes it’s just so good to do something just for you. You as a being, not a mum, or wife, but something that nourishes your own soul. I have been really challenged and learnt lots of new skills, and it’s fab!
5. Holiday in Abersoch

Just a gorgeous lovely family time, and we did actually have some sunshine. Walking on the beach, catching up with friends, yummy food, just chillin’. Bliss.

I will pass this on to:
the little things
lobster and swan
mummys little monkey
mum in amuddle

Thanks again Amy x


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