Vintage Vinyl

For Christmas my daughter wanted …a record player! How bizarre. In this day of ipods (which she has) and downloadable music of amazing quality, she decided that what she really, really wanted was VINYL! So we found this little beauty by Numark which plays 45’s, 33’s and 78’s (remember those?), and can also digitise the records so that you can convert them into files for the computer. We had a really lovely Christmas morning listening to some of our old records, which we had wrapped up for her, and teaching her how to use it. What a blast from the past.
The singles which adorned the wall of my workroom as seen in this post have subsequently also been snaffled by my daughter. I asked her what was it that she liked about the records so much and she said that it’s the noise that you hear when the stylus first touches the record, as well as all the artwork.I have been re-living my youth – my disco diva phase with “The Jacksons”, my rock chick phase with “Rainbow” and “Queen”, my teenage angst with “Blondie”, and my college years with “Echo and the Bunnymen”, “Soul to Soul” and the fantastic, and still listening to him, now “Bowie” . I wish that I had saved more of them..

3 thoughts on “Vintage Vinyl

  1. That's such a great pressie – I love it! I remember comandeering my Dad's old Technics record player when I was about 13 and going through all his old records – Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd. There's something about dropping the needle on the vinyl, and hearing that familiar scratchy intro that CDs and MP3s will never beat. x

  2. I am so there with that little crackle just as the needle hits the record and before the intro… 78s are best for those. Remember when the needle used to get stuck or fluffed up? Pretty cool you can digitise from it – you could offer a service and charge all your mates!

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