The morning after the night before…

Well 2010 has arrived. We had a party last night, and hubby and I have spent much of this morning tidying up. We had a lovely evening, the boys got a small pool table for Christmas, and it came into its own last night. It seems that many of our friends are brilliant at pool and we had some great games with the children.

My eldest teenager is 16, and she had her first New Year, without us, at a party with her friends. She is growing up, and it feels so strange. I feel that 2010 will definitely be a year of learning how to let go… I am immensely proud of the young lady she is turning into, she started sixth form college in September, and has got a part time job as a waitress in a local country pub ( she is working today).
The job has been brilliant for her, it has made her think twice before she spends her wages because she knows how hard she has worked for them!  2010 will be the year when she decides which college to go to, possibly learns how to drive, becomes even more independent and I know that she will be spreading her wings.
My eldest son will be taking his options for his GCSE’s, and hopefully playing lots of great football with his team.
Meanwhile the little one is turning into a mini Jimmy White, loving his pool table, learning fair play,and good sportsmanship (kind of!), and learning that taking photos of mummy getting into the bath with his new Kids Zoom Pro Camera is not good form (“DELETE that picture NOW! “was screamed at him!).

And as for me… I hope that 2010 is the year I get to spend more time with my husband ( we went to see “Sherlock Homes” the other night, it was fab!), sometimes I find that “us” can get lost in “them”, if you know what I mean.
I will begin new schools projects with this organisation, which I am really looking forward to, and I will also continue with my silversmithing course. I hope that 2010 is an inspiring year. I will also carry on blogging!

Thanks to everyone who has left a comment – it’s such a buzz when you get one!

Happy New Year x


3 thoughts on “The morning after the night before…

  1. Happy New Year! I totally understand the 'them' as opposed to 'us' the husband and I have hardly done anything as a couple since George got here!! eek. Good luck with the silversmithing and I'm pleased to hear you're carrying on blogging- I like popping over every now and then! xx

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