Wild Swimming

Last night was the second in a two part series called “Wild Swimming with Robson Green” (did anyone watch it?), and I was completely transfixed. It was basically documenting how Green trained in order to reach his goal of swimming to Holy Island in Northumberland. I thought that the filming and locations were stunning, and Green goes on a real emotional journey.The idea of swimming with no wet suit in British waters makes me shiver just thinking about it.
 As a little girl I used to wish that I could be a mermaid, and when I finally learnt to swim at the age of 11,( my children could all swim by the age of 5), I loved it, and would spend most of my holidays abroad beneath the surface of the water.
Unfortunately I have no stamina at all, and can’t swim for any distance – my breathing is all wrong, so I am completely in awe of anyone who is a strong swimmer.
Go Robson – I think you did a brilliant job!
 For Christmas my hubby wants the book “Wild Swimming Coast: Explore the Secret Coves and Wild Beaches of Britain” by Daniel Start,which you can buy at wild swimming .
 Me thinks he has some adventures planned –  better get working on my stamina!

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