Postcard sent to me years ago – an ethereal tea cup image – gorgeous!
The quote above can be found on the side of  The Whittard Beautiful Tea box. I truly love a good cup of tea. It calms me, refreshes me, and makes me take five.My top four at the moment are:
  1. The Co-op’s Fair Trade Breakfast tea – a great everyday tea
  2. Silver tipped white teaTeapigs
  3. Organic Oolong blue tea.leaf
  4. Cleanse Tea Pukka

The packaging for some of the Leaf teas is gorgeous – little tins with sliding lids that you can take anywhere.

This fabric tea pot was on top of my 40th birthday cake, my friend made it for me and the “saucer” is full of french knots. She also bought  me the beautiful tea pot, plate and cup and saucer.  She knows me well. What’s your favourite tipple? think I can probably guess some of them (wine doesn’t really do it for me but cocktails., another story..! still would rather have tea though – think that makes me a bit of a saddo!).

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