Now What?

OK So today I stripped my notice board, and a big blank cork wall confronts me,(check out those 45 singles at the side!). Now what? I had another look at the bits I took off.
I love these interiors. I think that they are from old copies of “Country Living”.

 I adore this photograph by Philip Newton (think this was from “Easy Living”). The ruffles on her dress and the patchwork quilts remind me of fairy tale princesses.If the bed were ten foot high it could be from”The Princess and the Pea”!

Here is my sample that I pinned near to it.They are stitched swirls of fabric, they remind me of roses and the ruffles on the womans dress.
Random sketches of the little one when he was a baby.
Little wire bracelet made with vintage glass buttons, initials and beads.
Other stitched samples.
Another random magazine cutting, so sorry I can’t credit it.
I have taken all the bits off and sorted through them, the other side of my room looks like some sort of creative bomb has gone off. So I do what I generally do, go make a cup of tea and get completely sidetracked! See next post!!!

2 thoughts on “Now What?

  1. Hi – can't wait to see it when it's finished! Lovely ideas – very inspirational. I've got a box full of singles and not sure what to do them. I would love to put them on the wall – they bring back great memories! xx

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