Under the Influence

I understand that as a parent I will influence my children, but it never really struck me how much influence they would have over me. My daughter introduced me to the “Twilight” saga, by Stephanie Meyer, last year, and I was completely hooked! It is essentially a love story, plus lots of teen angst and the supernatural.I read all four books in quick succession and then passed them on to my mum, who also thoroughly enjoyed them.
(go mum! she is sooo cool for eighty!). Yesterday I went to see “New Moon”, which is the second book, at the cinema. Lots of the plot is missed out, but I still thought that it captured the essence of the book. Vampires, on the whole aren’t really my bag, but Edward kinda rings my bell!
I am also one of the sad grown ups who completely adored the Harry Potter saga, thanks to my eldest son.
Older children’s books must be just pitched at my level!
Other influences include:
  • A surreal enjoyment of  “Guitar Hero”, on the Nintendo DS (how riduclous is that! It’s not even a proper guitar, just a tiny hand held attachment ), and “Cooking Mama”.
  • “Yo Sushi”, one my daughter’s favourite places to eat as a treat.

  • Ebay! My eldest son is the best bargain hunter.

  • Chess, because child number three has gone and joined the chess club at school so I have learnt how to play!

Any good grown up books you can recommend?
And also why do my bullet points line up in edit but not when I press publish – aaaagh?!!!

7 thoughts on “Under the Influence

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. You are right we seem to have a lot in common. I love almost everything you mentioned. Grown up books hmmm I tend to like Mitch Albom books other then that I am on the teen scene with books as well.

  2. Thanks Carrie.I have amazingly read "Tuesdays with Morrie", and "The five people you meet in heaven", and I am getting "Have A little faith" for Christmas – cant wait to read it.

  3. I read Twilight last week completely addicted! Watched the film again on Saturday and am buying tickets for New Moon today! It's definitely something for all ages, nothing to be ashamed of… I guess we just can't help ourselves… even if he is way too young for us…. (or could that be old for us?). A little bit of magic.My son and I (he's 5) are both addicted to Lego at the moment!

  4. Isn't Lego just the best (except when you stand on it with bare feet!).It is guaranteed to keep the little one out of mischief for at least half an hour, and he comes up with all manner of stories to accompany his creations.

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