Talking Textiles

Being freelance means my weeks vary – a lot! One week I might been working from home, which is good but often means that I get distracted by piles of washing, piles of paper, in fact piles of piles dotted all over the house! I have to be disciplined and try and sit in my room and get on with whatever work needs to be done. This week I got to go out!!! I was asked to be part of a lovely project trying to link local schools. It involved getting three schools to send a class of seven and eight year old children to meet at an amazing Asian fabric and clothes shop. The idea was to mix the schools up and have three groups of children doing three different one hour art activities, and make new friends. I was asked to take my group into the shop so that they could have a look at the beautiful colours and patterns on the clothes. The children were then encouraged to try and draw the patterns and colours that they had seen.

Some of them focused on the sequins and embroidery, and others drew the garments. They worked hard given such a short space of time. I think some of their drawings are gorgeous and I put them up on the wall at the end of each session so that they could talk about what they liked about each others work. It will followed up by some sessions in school in February.


2 thoughts on “Talking Textiles

  1. I've just come over from BMB and just love the stuff you're working on. This is where I wish I could just spend a whole lot more time being creative. I share get distracted too…however all my distractions keep me from getting on with the domestic piles that also need my attention. Nice to meet you 😀

  2. Hi I've just come from BMB and your blog is so lovely and the things you make are wonderfull!I will look forward to seeing and reading more of your creations Amy xxx

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