Soldering books!

Started back at college yesterday and was determined to try my hand at soldering. These were my shapes cut out and drilled. I first needed to solder the darker piece to the copper front cover. Had everything I needed: fire brick, tiny bits of solder, blow torch… put the solder carefully on the bottom piece and layed the other on top, then heated them up until cherry red, this took quite a few minutes. I then placed them into water and my top piece of metal pinged right off! I tried again and the same thing happened. AAgh!! My tutor then asked if I had used the flux (which you paint onto the metal before you put the solder on). Doh!! Clearly not! When I tried again with the flux it worked. Yay!

Very wonky, not brilliantly cut – but I enjoyed the process. I will improve I’m sure!

Not put anything in it yet. It was supposed to be for hubby for our anniversary – better late than never!!
Since meeting the fabulous Paul Johnson whilst at college years ago,( ),I have always been interested in hand made books. The one above was one that I did as part of a series for an exhibition which Paul organised many moons ago.
It was inspired by a book of love poems called “The Garden of Kama”, by Laurence Hope (, which belonged to my great grandmother. The cover is hand stitched and beaded, and I made the clasp from machine made threads. Inside there are 180 degree pop-ups based around a few of my favourite poems. These were sketched out and then painted in watercolour.

They are all quite tiny!!

The gorgeous girls at also make beautiful artists books.

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