Little Boxes…

Sometimes it’s amazing when you realise that something that you have almost taken for granted has impacted upon your creativity. The box frame above was a gift from my brother fifteen years ago. I loved (and still love) it, and immediately put in some pictures from holiday, and some shells I had collected over the years.

I must look at it every day, as it’s in my bathroom, but I only just realised that it could easily link to something I made for my mum for her 80th birthday.
This is a picture of mum taken by my dad in the 1950’s. I think the composition is amazing and love the shoes in the right hand corner.
I wanted to make mum something different. I painted a box frame, then lined the inside. The back is made up of a letter I wrote to my mum ( I also attached a copy of the letter to the back of the box in a tiny envelope so she could read it easily). I then suspended fabric tags and one of my necklaces from the top. Everything in there had meaning to the two of us.

I envisage making a range of these boxes based around my family, hopefully to exhibit in the near future. My friend has recently introduced me to the amazing work of Joseph Cornell, and I feel totally inspired by his creations. There is a beautiful book Joseph Cornell: Shadowplay Eterniday by Lynda Roscoe Hartigan and Richard Vine with some lovely images of his work.


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