New Friends!

The rolling mill was introduced to us on our first lesson, and I really enjoyed using it. It flattens the metal as it passes through and you can also use it to emboss textures onto the metal.
I tried placing lace, fine chain, wire and cut out paper (the letter ‘S’), on top of the copper and then rolling through the machine. I really enjoyed using it.

I am feeling less friendly towards the piercing saw!!!!
This is used to cut shapes and detail out of the metal and the tutor did warn us that it takes a while to master. We are using copper initially and when we feel ready we can buy silver to work with. No sooner had I started then ‘ping’ the blade had snapped. The first one was free and then we have to pay for the rest – I am going to be out of pocket – I think I broke four in one lesson!
I do know that I will just have to keep practising. I must have broken countless machine needles when I first started using a sewing machine. It’s good (and ever so slightly annoying) to be challenged.

My first attempts. Mmmm.

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