Dad, (2nd from right), 1944.

There is a story behind my decision to try silversmithing…
Just over nine years ago my dad died, and my brothers and I were sorting through his stuff. I picked out some of his music CD’s – he was a jazz fanatic, some photos, and a few other items amongst which was a tiny box.
In the box were spare buttons for his shirts, old keys and other miscellaneous items which for one reason and another he had kept.

A few years ago I was looking through the contents of this little box again and I noticed the hexagonal nut. It became the basis for a necklace,(to which I also added some of the spare buttons), which forever reminds me of him. Every time I wore it people would comment on it, and I ended up being commissioned to make lots of personalised necklaces.

I then started to make other bits of personalised jewellery, but very much from a textile artists point of view! Maybe that’s part of their charm – that they are not perfect, but I am really interested to know what I could achieve if I had some silversmith skills!

The blue picture is a cyanatope(blueprint) on fabric, which I did from an old photograph of my dad when he was in the Royal Navy.

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